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Pearl lovers unite!

October 29 2020 – Oceania Castellini

Pearl lovers unite!

Pearl lovers unite!

Aloha dear Oceania Maui friends,
You may already know we have a BIG love for PEARLS! Freshwater, Edison, Tahitian, South Sea Pearls - we work with and love them all. Oceania just made new Edison Pearl Earrings and we thought this a perfect opportunity to share a little more about our pearls. In general, pearls are much like most things in the world - their value lies in their rarity and level of perfection. Simply put: the larger, rounder, smoother, more lustrous, the more valuable the pearl.
Most Freshwater Pearls are cultured in lakes. Their natural colors are white, pink, peach, and lavender. They can range in size but are typically 6 to 10mm. While there are some high value Freshwater Pearls, the majority is cultured for the affordable fashion market. Freshwater Pearls can be immersed in dye after the harvest to create darker hues like green and purple.
Edison Pearls are a new kind of Freshwater Pearl that are cultured similar to Tahitian Pearls, so we get larger rounder pearls. Two years of culturing in fresh water mussels ensures many layers of thick nacre, which is responsible for their magnificent luster and color.
Tahitian Pearls are the gems of the Pacific with an incredible range of natural colors from gray to green, blue to purple, and brown to black. They are cultured in remote atolls in pristine ocean water most notably in French Polynesia, thus their name Tahitian Pearl. Their luster is impressive and often the colors vary within the same pearl.
South Sea Pearls are among the largest, smoothest, and most valuable pearls. Cultured in the very large oyster "pintada maxima" in Australia or the Philippines, their natural colors can be white, light blue, or golden. They can reach impressive sizes of up to 23mm and generally command the highest prices of all pearls.


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  • Vicki lund: January 12, 2022

    Would like to see white Edison pearl earring selection for a present for my friend

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