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Our Story


Sharing their Island Aloha since 1996, Oceania Maui designs are mindfully created from the continuing story of devoted wife and husband team Oceania and Drew Castellini’s connection to the Beauty in Life.

Born of gypsy heritage in Queens, New York, Oceania was raised in a dynamic family that was often on the move. This exposure to the world early on fueled the development of her artistic imagination. Starting at a young age, she created jewelry styles that appealed to a wide variety of people. 

Throughout most of her childhood, she continued to improve her skills and share her creativity along the East coast. But as she was growing up, in her heart she knew she belonged in a land far West filled with warm sunshine and rainbows, called Maui.

And so it came to be that at 16 years old, Oceania made the move from New York to Maui. Once on Maui, the land of her dreams, her talents really began to blossom. Then, just two years later, she met the love of her life, Drew Castellini. 

Drew began life on the southern California coast and had the good fortune of moving to Maui for several formative years as a young child with his family in the mid 70s. Moving back to California, he continued to develop his artistic interests and eye for detail. Missing the tropical life, at 23 years old he moved back to Maui for warmth and inspiration. As fate would have it, he met his future wife Oceania on his very first day there.

Realizing that their talents were well-suited for each other, they courageously explored new business possibilities together. Starting at the local craft fairs, these ideas led them to designing and wholesaling products around the mainland for several years. Eventually, they worked with companies like T.J. Maxx, Ross, and Marshall’s. 

In 1999, they moved back to Maui and purchased their dream property on the road to Hana. In 2005 they began to sell their own jewelry lines at all the Costco warehouses around the Hawaiian islands. After many years of success, they decided the time was ripe to open their very own jewelry store on Maui.

Today, this beautiful treasure chest of pearls and jewels can be found open daily in Pa’ia, as well as an online store. Now together for 30 years, Oceania and Drew continue to seek inspiration through sustainable living on their off-grid farm, raising their two boys, picking fruit, and creating new jewelry designs.

Come and be inspired by Oceania Maui Jewelry today!