Larimar, Amazonite & Chalcedony Bracelet with 10mm Gray Tahitian Pearl



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      Larimar, Amazonite, Chalcedony, and Apatite Gemstones Bracelet with 10mm Gray Tahitian Pearl

      14k Gold Filled 8 to 9"

      World wide, only Tahitian Pearls naturally form in exotic dark colors. These highly lustrous organic gems are cultured in the serene water of remote atolls in French Polynesia. Colors range from silver gray to deep black, some with intense overtones of pistachio, aubergine, and peacock.

      Larimar is a very rare semi precious gemstone found only in one location in the world: the Dominican Republic. The unique azure blue gem is formed in lava tubes when hot gases push crystallized minerals up through volcanic tubes. The name Larimar was created by Dominican Miguel Mendez, combining his daughter’s name Larissa and the Spanish word for sea, mar. Larimar is considered a healing stone, especially for speech and communication.

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