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September 13 2020 – Oceania Castellini

Aloha dear Oceania Maui friends,
You may have noticed that Oceania has been working with some new materials in her jewelry. We'd like to take a moment today to provide some more information about the new & familiar metals in our jewelry catalog.
We rigorously test all metals before working with them to ensure you can enjoy our jewelry for a very long time. To preserve your precious pieces, we recommend our Soft Jewelry Polishing Cloth to clean and care for your jewelry. It has a special rouge in it that removes tarnish and dust gently, while being safe for all gems, pearls, and shells. If a piece of jewelry is particularly worn, it is also useful to wash it with clean warm water and dry well with a soft cloth afterwards. This will remove any dust and small particles, and keep your pieces looking fresh and bright. For storing the jewelry, we recommend a closed container to keep it safe and reduce exposure.
We use Sterling Silver14k Gold Fillsolid 14k Gold, and 18k Gold Plated metals in our jewelry. You can browse our catalog by metal under the Settings Menu on the left of any Collections page.
Sterling Silver contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other alloys such as copper to harden and strengthen it. Silver itself is very soft and by adding other harder metals, the perfect balance is achieved. Tarnish is a natural reaction of the silver to protect itself from corrosive sulfur in the air. It is easiest to remove when it first becomes visible.
Solid 14k Gold is a very beautiful and durable metal. Similar to silver, gold is relatively soft, and adding other alloys such as zinc and copper makes it harder and stronger. 14k Gold contains 58% pure gold.
14k Gold Fill is the next best more affordable option to solid 14k Gold and can last a lifetime with good care. It does not flake or peel. It is made with 5% solid 14k Gold and has an actual layer of karat gold on the surface. Keeping that surface intact is important to keep gold filled jewelry shiny and bright.
18k Gold Plated jewelry is the latest addition to our metals. It is also known as Brazilian Silver and has a thick layer of 18k Gold on top of a base metal. It looks and wears similar to solid gold jewelry and has a great price to beauty ratio.



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