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These delicate turtle earrings from our Aloha Collection are set in sterling silver and inlaid with natural Hawaiian koa wood. The green sea turtles, called honu, live in Hawaiian waters. They are a symbol for peace, good luck, and long life.


Plumeria flowers exude an exquisite fragrance treasured by locals and visitors alike. For this beautiful design, natural Hawaiian koa wood is expertly carved into petal shapes, cast in polished sterling silver and angled slightly to create vivid and natural looking plumeria flower earrings.


These wonderful earrings from our Aloha Collection are inspired by the majestic humpback whales who visit Hawai'i every year. The filigreed sterling silver design is accented with natural Hawaiian koa, a beautiful hard wood native to the islands.


The green sea turtles, called Honu, live in Hawaiian waters. Observing one of these graceful creatures is a favorite Maui moment. For this enchanting turtle earring design from our Aloha Collection, many small pieces of natural Hawaiian koa wood are perfectly fitted into sterling silver settings. Matching pendant designs are available.


This attractive new wave design represents the creative force of the famous Maui ocean waves that shape and define our island. The sterling silver earrings are inlaid with natural koa wood.

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