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These lovely plumeria earrings from our Aloha Collection are hand made with an intricate Polynesian design that lends character to this gorgeous flower. Plumerias exude an exquisite fragrance treasured by visitors and residents alike.

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These palm tree earrings are part of our Maui designed Aloha Collection. Each of the sterling silver fronds is carved to perfection. A matching pendant design is available.

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The green sea turtle, called Honu, is cherished in Hawai'i as a symbol for peace, good luck, and longevity. Polynesian tribal patterns influence this signature honu design in beautifully filigreed sterling silver. Matching pendants and bracelets are available.

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These elegant rectangular sterling silver earrings feature a classic Polynesian wave design. They complement our handmade byzantine chains wonderfully.

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These beautiful earrings are hand carved with small silver waves in a classic Polynesian design that represents the force of the famous Maui ocean waves that shape and define our island.

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These wonderful earrings from our Aloha Collection are inspired by the majestic humpback whales who visit Hawai'i every year. Made from pure sterling silver, the whale tails are adorned with a Polynesian tribal design. Our Maui shaped logo is engraved into the back of the earrings.

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Large Hammered Sterling Silver Wave

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These luminous round hoop earrings from the Paradise Beach Collection are 1.5mm thick, solid, sterling silver wire. They sparkle when the light hits the hammered silver surfaces. This is the medium size, they are available in larger sizes and other styles.

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These delicate filigreed sterling silver earrings feature the anthurium, Hawaii’s heart shaped tropical flower.

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