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This sunset shell pendant shimmers in warm golden colors and displays a natural black edge, creating the effect of a beautiful Hawaiian ocean sunset. It is accented with a filigreed sterling silver setting.


In Hawai'i, spiral patterns are a symbol of growth and motion, renewal, hope, and peace. This round sunset shell pendant features a sterling silver spiral and shimmers in all rainbow colors when light reflects on the shell surface.


This elegant pendant features the unique sunset shell. It displays warm golden colors and a natural black edge, creating the effect of a beautiful Hawaiian ocean sunset. The polished sterling silver setting creates a striking contrast to the colorful shell.


A perfectly detailed sterling silver palm tree is featured in this elegant design from our Aloha Collection. The striking sunset shell makes an excellent background for this magnificent pendant, creating the effect of a gorgeous Hawaiian ocean sunset. This design is available with other backgrounds.


This attractive new wave design represents the creative force of the famous Maui ocean waves that shape and define our island. The round sterling silver pendant is inlaid with golden mother of pearl, a natural shell of spectacular iridescence. Light reflections in all rainbow colors play over its surface.


This petite pendant is the perfect gift for the Maui aficionado. Sterling silver is cast into the iconic shape of our beautiful island and inlaid with golden mother of pearl. All colors of the rainbow appear in this wonderful natural shell. Their natural black edge creates the look of a beautiful Hawaiian ocean sunset.


This magnificent pendant from our Aloha Collection shows the bamboo forest in a filigreed sterling silver inset with a graceful dragonfly dancing in each corner. The warm golden colors of the sunset shell complement this design beautifully.

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