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This elegant design features abalone shells from New Zealand. They glimmer in wonderful blue, purple and green tones, reminding us of the beautiful ocean. Carved into a teardrop shape and accented with a rolling sterling silver inset, these earrings will complement a variety of abalone pendant designs.

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These seahorse earrings are part of our Aloha Collection. Lucky divers can observe seahorses by the Molokini Crater. The beautifully detailed sterling silver setting makes the seahorses look magically real. Colorful abalone shell inlay accents the body and resembles the gorgeous ocean around us. A matching pendant is available.


This attractive wave design represents the creative force of the famous Maui ocean waves that shape and define our island. The sterling silver earrings feature a colorful background of abalone shells that shimmer in striking blue, green, and purple colors. Added to the cresting silver part of the wave are sparkling cubic zirconia gems that remind of the...


Plumeria flowers exude an exquisite fragrance treasured by locals and visitors alike. For this marvelous design, colorful abalone shells are expertly carved into petal shapes, cast in polished sterling silver and angled slightly to create a vivid and natural-looking flower earring. A matching pendant design is available.


The green sea turtles called honu live in Hawaiian waters. Observing one of these graceful creatures is one of our favorite Maui moments. For this enchanting earring design from our Aloha Collection, many small pieces of colorful abalone shells are perfectly fitted into sterling silver settings. Matching pendant and bracelet designs are available.


Abalone shells shimmer in striking blue, green, and purple colors. The polished sterling silver design adds a fashionable twist to these gorgeous crescent-moon shaped earrings.


These elegant abalone shell earrings are cased in polished sterling silver and adorned with 3 small silver drops. Abalone shells shimmer in beautiful water colors like blue, green, and purple.


These delicate filigreed sterling silver earrings are inlaid with colorful abalone shells from New Zealand. Blue, green, pink, and purple colors shimmer on the iridescent shell surface.


These hand made turtle earrings from our Aloha Collection are set in sterling silver and inlaid with colorful abalone shells. Delicate carvings in the fins add charming detail to this classic petroglyph design. The green sea turtles, called honu, live in Hawaiian waters. They are a symbol for peace, good luck, and long life.


For this fabulous earring design, three drop-shaped pieces of colorful abalone shells are each cast in sterling silver. Surprisingly light in weight, they can accent both a casual or dressy outfit.


Big hoop earrings are very striking. These abalone hoop earrings, in blue, green and purple colors, are cased in polished sterling silver and surprisingly light for their size.


This gorgeous earring design is inspired by the majestic humpback whales, who visit Hawai'i every year. Abalone shells look like the ocean with their shimmering blue, green, and purple colors. Carved into a teardrop shape, the shells are adorned with polished sterling silver whale tails, reminiscent of the famous whale fluke dives.

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