• Product Description

      This glimmering bangle from our Paradise Beach Collection is 12 gauge thick 14k Gold Filled and adorned with one pink Edison pearl. It sparkles when the light hits the hammered surfaces and holds its shape beautifully. Perfect by itself or stacked this bracelet is available in 3 sizes.

      Sizing tip: Squeeze your hand together and measure the circumference of the widest part.

      Edison Pearls are the new hit item in the world of pearls. A break through in fresh water pearl culturing, these unusual pearls are bead nucleated and impressive in size. Two years of culturing in fresh water mussels ensures many layers of thick nacre, which is responsible for their magnificent luster and color.

  • Product Details
    • Variant: 7-1/2"
    • SKU: BEP14KAP-7.5
    • Product Type: BRACELETS

Hammered Gold Bangle Bracelet with Pink Edison Pearl



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