5 Tahitian & Edison Pearls Necklace



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      11mm Tahitian & Edison Pearls

      18" Sterling Silver Chain

      Please contact us if you

      - prefer a different length chain

      - prefer Gold Fill chain

      - would like to purchase the pearls without chain

      World wide, only Tahitian Pearls naturally form in exotic dark colors. These highly lustrous organic gems are cultured in the serene water of remote atolls in French Polynesia. Colors range from silver gray to deep black, some with intense overtones of pistachio, aubergine, and peacock.

      Edison Pearls are the new hit item in the world of pearls. A break through in fresh water pearl culturing, these unusual pearls are bead nucleated and impressive in size. Two years of culturing in fresh water mussels ensures many layers of thick nacre, which is responsible for their magnificent luster and color.

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