Oceania Maui Lahaina Wildfire Relief


Aloha from Maui my Dear Ohana,

This is Oceania reaching out to you with a heavy heart today. I wish I was here telling everyone how great this Summer has been but unfortunately that all just changed. 

As most of you probably have heard, Old Lahaina Town and some surrounding neighborhoods have been completely burned down in a freakish overnight wildfire. In less than 24 hours, almost every historic building and beautiful place we remember including our beloved Oceania Maui jewelry store on Front St. was reduced to nothing more than ashes and rubble. It’s a devastating loss on every level for all who love Maui and the most challenging for those of us that call Maui our home. 

We are feeling very vulnerable right now as we reel from the extent of the damage from Hawaii’s worst ever natural disaster. Hold on tight to all those wonderful memories that were made over the many years of visiting the old capital and heart of Hawaii.

One positive note is that it looks like the famous 150 year old Banyan tree survived the fire!

We were proud to be a unique part of the old whaling village over the last decade and are saddened and humbled to see all of our efforts gone in the blink of an eye.

We are very sorry to say, we had no fire insurance to protect us from this type of disaster. In time, we will find a way through this to a positive future. We are Maui Strong!

Right now we need your help. So many lives here have been upended. We have created a GoFundMe to make it easy to donate to us and Maui.

We will be giving about 50% of donations to 3 local charities that have boots on the ground right now and need our support. These are Maui Strong, Maui Food Bank and Maui United Way. The other half will help us move our business forward in new ways so we can continue bringing you the unique high-quality jewelry you love in the years to come. 

We are still open every day at our store in Pa’ia and our web store is going strong at OceaniaMaui.com. We still offer FREE shipping on US orders over $50!

Please click the link below to go to the website and click the donate button to give to the Lahaina Wildfire GoFundMe that we started.

I appreciate you all more than ever and thank you with all my heart in advance for supporting us during this unfathomable tragedy.


Oceania and Drew Castellini and Ohana