New Gratefully Dedicated Jewelry Line

April 20 2020 – Andrew Castellini

New Gratefully Dedicated Jewelry Line

New Gratefully Dedicated Jewelry Line

Aloha dear Oceania Maui friends,

It's Oceania and Drew writing to you personally today. We are the creative force behind our unique tropical jewelry lines since 1996. Many of you know us personally from our early days at the Maui craft fairs or special events at the local Costco's in the early 2000's. Some of you have met our lovely sales staff in our Maui retail stores and only know us from seeing our family photos there.

We met 30 years ago on Maui and began to share our love for the natural world by traveling extensively through the tropical regions of Latin America and South East Asia. Following our favorite band the Grateful Dead showed us unique aspects of American culture. Along the way we learned to appreciate the skills and unique cultures of the different people we met. Those experiences inspired us to create our jewelry business with the goal of sharing our passion for the natural beauty in the world.

This last year with our two boys getting older, we as parents were regaining some of the independence of our younger years to travel and enjoy concerts. Reuniting with old friends and experiencing again the unique camaraderie among the Grateful Dead fans inspired a special feeling of interconnectedness and joy in us. With that joyful awareness we began working on a new jewelry collection that would reflect those values showcased in the iconic Grateful Heart symbol.

Now that we are ready to launch our new
Gratefully Deadicated jewelry line, we all find ourselves in the most unusual times. Having a Grateful Heart is more meaningful to us now than ever. It is a symbol of finding balance in our hearts and feeling inspired to fly free and connect with our evolution. It allows us all to show our Love & Gratitude for the simple good things in life with these symbols of our shared human journey.
Oceania and Drew at a Grateful Dead concert



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