Oceania Maui, I had to take a moment and tell you how much I love your company and your jewelry. Every piece I have purchased is so well made. When I wear my jewelry out I always get compliments on how beautiful and unique it is!! Thank you!!
- Aurora Crosetti

Portland Oregon 

I LOVE my Oceania Maui jewelry so much! It feels a bit decadent to say "my jewelry" implying that I have more than one piece...but it is the truth! I love it for so many reasons one of which is the uniqueness of the designs. I get compliments on everything I wear. The jewelry is so transitional, I can wear something all day with jeans then throw on a dress and I don't even have to change my jewelry. The integrity of your jewelry is amazing, I have pieces that I have worn without taking off for over a year and it still looks like I just bought it! The love that goes into the designing of this jewelry definitely is felt as you wear it. It is like wearing a piece of paradise in your everyday world! Many thanks to Oceania Maui for such beautifully unique jewelry and quality customer care!

- Annette Liebhardt

Eugene, Oregon 


I love jewelry and my Oceania Maui pieces are some of the most beautiful and best quality in my personal collection. From the most awesome sterling puka single & double hoop earrings and puka bracelets & bangles to the beautiful garnet vermeil necklace & gorgeous pendants & chains (and so many other pieces that I could not resist!;) ...I really cannot pick a favorite of all my many Oceania Maui pieces! One of the best things about your jewelry (besides their coolness & beauty) is that they are super strong! I have many sterling bangles and earrings of yours that I wear almost all the time and it is so great that daily wear has not bent or aged them at all! I love all my Oceania Maui jewelry! Thank you Oceania Maui!

- Mia Klein,

Maui, Hawaii

I love going here when we visit Maui every year!! Beautiful amazing pieces.. One of a kind for sure.

- Linda H.